Aviation Services/Ground Handling

Aviation services, ground handlingAt BTY Logistics, we can provide solutions to all your charter needs in respective of scale, we strive to find you the most suitable aircraft for your specific requirements, be it for intercontinental cargo movement or for sub-regional operations.

As a certified agent for foreign airlines, we provide support to the operation of  Carriers as well as handle all the ancillary services required in this specialized logistics business, including
  • full station management and administatrion ( full aircraft/airline handling )
  •  processing of landing and over-flight permits/clearance
  •  full liaison service with airports regulatory authorities
  •  Ground handling management - coordination and supervision, Fueling arrangement, Crew  protocol services, and Customs EDI/ADI for compliance

  •  BTY offers Ramp and Cargo Handling services to various kinds of aircraft of both cargo and passenger airlines with an ensured quick, efficient and safe service, including the handling of special cargo such as Livestock, Dangerous Goods, Valuables, Perishables, and Medicines. BTY’s clients also benefit from a dedicated Customs checkpoint and well-equipped Storage facilities and a Strong Room for the storage of Valuables.

     BTY is famous for its important human resource in the field of cargo handling that is constituted of efficient, qualified, experienced and well trained employees.

    BTY Flight Ground Handling Activities include:
    * Ramp Handling- Providing prime and safe services in Loading and Unloading of the Aircraft
    * Providing Fuel, GPU, Towing, Aircraft Cleaning, Potable water supply and Toilet Servicing
    * Providing Push-back
    * Providing Catering
    * Aircraft Dispatch and Coordination
    * Coordination and supervision
    * Fueling arrangement
    * Crew protocol services
    * Customs EDI/ADI for E-manifest compliance
    * Tight Security around Aircraft
    * Slot Requesting
As a cargo management service company, we have handled for various Non-Common Carriers and schedule flights, over 1 million tons of general cargo arriving on board freighters or bellies of aircrafts.
BTY Logistics handled pallet break-bulk, cargo tally, warehousing, documentation and freight arrival notification services for the individual and corporate clients.



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